Protecting Your Home From a Surge in the Power System

Protecting Your Home From a Surge in the Power System

Stay Safe During a Surge in Power System

A surge in the power system could be quite frightening for home dwellers. Electricity and technology are at the foundation of all we do, both at home and throughout our workday. So, when an electric malfunction is imminent, how can we stay safe? Apollo has some tips to help.

What causes a surge in a power system?

A huge cause for a power surge is a lightning strike in the area. Lightning produces hundreds of thousands of amps of electricity. While these natural disasters are less common, they are often the most dangerous. A smaller scale, yet more common reasons for power surges is the use of heavy-duty appliances in the home. When you turn on an air conditioner, microwave, or refrigerator, a large increase in power is forced into your system.

How can I protect my space?

There are several ways to protect your home or business from heightened power surges in your system. Preparing your space ahead of time could save you a hefty amount of damage.

A good preventative measure is to purchase a whole-home surge protector. This panel acts as a gateway for all electricity. As soon as electricity gets too high to function, the suppressor will shut off the power and redirect it to the ground wire.

It’s also wise to stay mindful of your plug usage. Don’t use one power strip to plug in several large pieces of technology. Overusing these items and pushing all of their electricity through one power source could result in a power surge.

Ensure your house has proper electric wiring. If you are surging mass amounts of electricity through your home, that additional power needs somewhere to flow off to safely. Proper electrical wiring creates a path that guides electricity away from your home.

If your home or office does not have these safety precautions set in place, it could be at risk for a surge in the power system. Talk to the experts at Apollo Electric to learn more about safety precautions you can take, and how we can help you safely configure your space.

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