EV Charging Stations Give Commercial Business a Boost

41% (four in 10) of North Americans would consider an electric vehicle when buying their next car. However, the uncertainty of finding a charging station when on the road is a top barrier to an EV car purchase, according to market research firm Ipsos.

New York is but one state having passed recent legislation that will drive the public’s move to electric cars faster. The new law bans the sale of fossil fuel vehicles beginning in 2035 and requires new cars to be at zero emissions levels.

The recent push toward the U.S. charging infrastructure looks promising to transition the country to EV cars more quickly. But what does this mean to your business now?

Installing EV charging stations at your commercial location(s) brings both long and short benefits.

Today’s owners of EV cars go to their smart maps to find charging stations. “Type in EV charging stations near me” into your map app and see what comes up. You’ll see the businesses with charging stations has their location pop up. No matter whether you have one or ten charging stations, you’ll be put on the map.

When on the road, EV car drivers tend to err on the safe side and don’t drive their cars until the battery is almost dead. Stats show when away from home, drivers spend 20 minutes to 6 hours on average charging their cars.

Not only do you make profits from the EV station itself, but it also makes sense; the car owners will spend money at your business while they wait for their cars to charge. This increases your profits in two ways.

Certified Electricians—a must for installation and maintenance of EV charging stations.

“Nearly 4 in 10 (39%) EV drivers said they’ve had problems charging their EVs at public charging stations that were broken, not designed to accommodate people with disabilities, or otherwise difficult to use,” EVBoxGroup reports.

Apollo Electric’s certified electricians provide expert installation and maintenance of commercial EV charging stations. You will not have issues with the location, wiring, or maintenance of your stations.

Consult with our team today to find out if your property is suitable for EV charging stations.


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